As a member of The Suppressed, you’ve likely thought to yourself, “Why are silencers still an NFA item?” SilencerCo® has not only wondered this ourselves, but along with partners such as the American Suppressor Association, we’ve taken steps to support the introduction of legislation to remove silencers from the list of NFA items.

On October 22, the Hearing Protection Act was introduced. This piece of legislation is aimed at removing silencers from the NFA and instead having their transfer go through a traditional ATF Form 4473 – the same way you would purchase a standard rifle or pistol. What does this mean for you? No $200 tax stamp. No excessive wait times. No fingerprint cards, passport photos, or Chief Law Enforcement Officer signature. No NFA trusts. A simple process, just like when you purchase most firearms through your dealer.

Citizens should not be taxed for trying to protect their hearing while exercising their Second Amendment rights. The Hearing Protection Act also includes a provision for all people who purchase a silencer between the time the bill is introduced until the day it passes – should you purchase a silencer during that time, you will receive a $200 tax credit to cover the cost of any new silencer tax stamps you pay for.

This bill is championed by Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ), its primary sponsor. Rep. Salmon hails from Arizona’s 5th District, and as a member of the Freedom Caucus is a great supporter of the Second Amendment and personal liberties. He is also a fellow owner of NFA products.

SilencerCo, Rep. Salmon, and all supporters of the bill realize that this is a long-term effort and will not be something that happens overnight. With the help of people like you – The Suppressed – we will gain momentum and educate both the general public and lawmakers as to the true nature of silencers.

If you haven’t already joined The Suppressed, click HERE to add your voice to the cause.


At SilencerCo, advocacy is a core tenet – and one that we hope all industry partners and loyal customers will participate in. We encourage you to add your voice to the cause by filling out the form below and sending it to your Representatives and Senators – via email and standard mail – letting them know that you stand with SilencerCo and support the Hearing Protection Act.

True to SilencerCo nature, we want you to stand up for what you believe in – but we also want to make doing so as simple possible. The Take Action form below requires less than five minutes to fill out, and with a few personal touches from you – such as first-hand positive experiences with silencers – will be an invaluable tool in showing legislators how strong our voices are (click HERE if you prefer to mail a physical letter or contact your representative by phone).

This effort won’t be fast, and it won’t be easy – but most things worth fighting for aren’t. With your help, there will be a day when silencers are seen for what they really are: tools of safety for and enjoyment by law-abiding citizens.


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